East Angels
A book written by Brad Douglas
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East Angels is based on a true story - it is exciting and fun to read... hope you like it!

East Angels
All for One!

The story...

Every young athlete aspires to playing for a State title, especially with his best friends as teammates. In East Angels, a story based on real events, Brig Donovan is faced with sports rivalry and racial tension when he is told he must attend a new high school. Will he be accepted in his new school? Will he be an outcast? Or, will angels prevail?

During the 1970's in Denver, racial integration of high schools was a hot topic. Kids of all colors and ethnic backgrounds had to learn to cope with change.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream was partially fulfilled in small, simple ways during this trying time...and, it was the youth of America that pulled together to try to make his dream a reality.

Follow the story of a middle-class white athlete as he tries to fit in!


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